Characters: Hibari

English translation:

"Hibari is a 25 years old kunoichi living in the big city of Ouranos. Her job is the ancestral art of soul purging, what she learned very young from her grandmother. She was raised by her grandfathers at a little house in Kyodaina mt. since their fathers died on a fire when she was a baby. She inherited a little fortune, but she works eliminating the threat of disturbed spirits from different villages, charging small amounts to the villagers.
She got from her grandmother her spiritual weapon: the spiritual Wakizashi, a powerfull weapon able to harm bodies corrupted by disturbed souls.
Since she was a little girl, she was very "special": she could run faster than other kids; she was able to jump higher and farther, and she was stronger than her school mates.
The origin of her powers is a complete mistery, but she thinks ancient spirits may have something to do with it. She feels them around her, protecting her own soul, and some times she can see them or even hear them; but she can't understand what they are saying.
She wears a special ninja outfit made by her grandmother as a present, and altough she likes to work alone, she always takes with her a little bot called A-00 wich is able to detect spiritual energy.
Her story in this game starts when she hears rumors about a big beast possesed by a disturbed soul, destroying a little city called "Atalaya".."