The year is about to end, and before that happens, I'd like to throw in a quick update regarding four specific things:

1st.- Early Gameplay Preview

On December 12th and 13th, I showcased a little tech. demo of Spirit Huntress at RetroSevilla, a retro-gaming expo taking place at Seville, my hometown.

My friend Esciron (@esciron) recorded and edited some excerpts of such demo, and I decided to upload them as a little preview-trailer for public viewing:

Please, note that this is early footage of a game still in deep development. Therefore, you'll be able to find a lot of errors, such as inconsistencies in the animations, seams in some backgrounds, general emptyness...

Also, I removed the combat sections to save that footage for a full fledged trailer coming really soon (January).

Consider this video some kind of teaser-trailer.

2nd.- Game website

I created a website for the game. Not much more to say about that, except: check it out here

The site has a subscription form you can fill in case you wish to be directly notified when the Kickstarter campaing begins.

It only features two screenshots and a brief description so far, as well as link to all the social-media related stuff (twitter, devblogs, youtube & twitch channels, Steam page, etc), but I'll keep adding content in it.

3.- Voice acting announcements

As I stated in previous posts, Hibari will be voiced by  by Sydney P. (@Sydsnap) and by Laura Peña (@Laura_PG_) in the spanish localization.

That being said, I'm glad to announce that Lei will be voiced by the very talented Caitlin Myers (@MOM0KI).

Welcome to the team, Momoki!

4.- Steam Greenlight Concept Site 

Finally, I created a Steam Greenlight Concept page for Spirit Huntress that you can visit here.

Note it's not a propper Greenlight Page, for this is only a concept page for a game project.

Still, your vote would be really useful to help create a fanbase for the game, so please, consider upvoting and sharing with your friends.

That's all for now! Stay tuned, news are coming really soon!